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About Us


Eat For Energy is all about food. It was borne out of a passion for nutritional health and has become so much more. It is a lifestyle choice that combines nutritional therapy with an expansive range of progressive health-oriented food that will take the dull out of diet and provide a happy path to healthy.


But how did we get here…


I herald from a rural, yet very beautiful, part of Lithuania. It was rich on quality of life, but somewhat lacking in amenities. Despite the apparent inconvenience, we thrived on a purity of existence that most can only imagine - our meals were all home-cooked and organic; herbal remedies were the first port of call for any ailments; and manufactured medicines were rarely necessary.


A strong desire to broaden my horizons brought me to the UK in 1995 and I was immediately overwhelmed by the revelation that was convenience food. When I came to my senses, I realised such a lifestyle was unsustainable – for the good of my health and that of everyone around me – so I resolved to do something about it.


In 2015, I commenced a three-year course to earn a diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). Upon qualifying I began practicing as a Nutritional Therapist, helping clients achieve their health and nutrition goals, whether it was weight management, disease symptom support, pregnancy health or optimal sports function.


Whilst deeply satisfying to help people improve their nutritional health, I wanted to improve the choice of food available for people seeking a healthier lifestyle beyond the very limited and un-appetising traditional options. I wanted to show that healthy eating need not be an unhappy experience.


In 2020, I opened the first Eat For Energy store on Bank Street in Sevenoaks, Kent and with the invaluable help of my family we offer a natural and nutritious alternative for just about every food group. Our customers range from those seeking assistance with a particular diet-related ailment to those looking for a simple energy boost. We cater for all.


Come and visit us at the store and discover a new way of eating healthy.

Jolita Krusniauskaite

Nutritional Therapist and Founder of Eat For Energy


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What our customers say.....

Passion fruit cheesecake, wow! The most gorgeous dessert I have ever tasted. My taste buds danced with delight, and the fact that it was a nutritional healthy version of traditional cheesecake made it even more rewarding. No guilt after eating! Healthy and delicious rolled into one! What more could you want?

Caroline Gordon, Rehabilitation therapist

‘I consulted this delightful lady almost a year ago suffering from insomnia and stress.  Jolita was extremely thorough and our first session lasted two hours.  She not only changed my diet to include foods rich in melatonin, nutrients and vitamins but gave me some excellent advice regarding coping mechanisms for my stress.  I was amazed to find that, within a month, my sleep pattern had changed and, after two months my stress levels had reduced.  Jolita is incredibly knowledgeable and everything she told me made perfect sense.  Now, 10 months on, I am a fitter, healthier person, who sleeps better and copes well with the stress in my life.  I am also delighted to say I have lost weight and my digestive system has improved immensely.  I highly recommend Jolita to you

Sylvie Burbidge

Jolita was very informative and helpful.  I am confident that I can process the things I have learnt and use them in my everyday life.  The plan of action that Jolita made for me was within my abilities and was achievable.  Jolita was very professional and patient and I would highly recommend her.

Jean Cort

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